Stop Fleas

First the bad news; Stopping fleas is about ongoing control rather than complete eradication. Fleas can be carried on other animals including wildlife and cats, flea eggs can travel in soil. It is virtually impossible to eradicate fleas.

Now the good news; There are numerous high quality products that are highly effective. Combined with sensible cleaning, and proper use, we can make your dogs and cats happy.

General Tips

1. These products only last on the pet for one month. You need to keep applying every month.

2. The vast majority of the flea population lives in the environment in the form of larvae or eggs. They will hatch and jump on your pet….you need to have a product on your pets all year round. Most of these products only cost a few dollars per month. Your beloved pet is worth the money.

3. Pick the right product for your pets lifestyle. The products work different ways. The usual example is dogs that swim allot can wash off frontline in the first fews days of application. After the first few days you are fine, unless the dog swims for long periods every day.

4. TREAT THE CAT. Many owners do not treat their cat becasue they cannot find fleas on the cat. Cats are usually good groomers and you will not find fleas. It only takes a couple of days for fleas to breed and lay thousands of eggs. The cat is a great breeding ground.

5. Last, but not least; Failure of any of these products is probably your fault. I am sorry, no offence intended, but when we analyse how you are using the products it is almost always user error if they fail (Actually, always user error.) You need to accept this and move on so we can help you. Some pets do have flea allergy dermatitis and are harder to help, but even these can be made comfortable.


Comfortis is our choice if you must swim or bath your dog within 3 days of application. It is a tablet, and requires the fleas to bite your pet and ingest blood to work. This is not ideal for dogs with flea allergy dermatitis. It is new to the market and is being heavily advertised. We have plenty in stock for all pets and sizes.


Advantage is option 3 for us. It is similar to Frontline, being a spoton, but does not steralise fleas. We usually only sell it to clients who cannot be convinced that they are using frontline wrong. It has pretty packaging and does nothing frontline cannot do.


Frontline is our flea product of choice. It controls Fleas for 4 weeks and Ticks for 2 weeks. It is an easy to apply spoton and kills fleas within 24 hours of jumping on your pet. Frontlines big claim to fame is it steralises fleas as well as killing them, meaning the fleas that jump on will not add to the eggs in the environment. Using frontline properly: Frontline bonds with the oil in the skin, so it needs a few days to spread. This means if you bath or take your dog swimming you may wash it off before it has a chance to bond. If you apply it shortly after a thorough bath there will be no oil to bond with. You need to apply it to the back of the neck so that cats can not groom it off. Frontlines backup support is the best. You and Heights Pet Hospital get allot of help trying to work out what went wrong...if anything.

For more information please come and see us. We are more than happy to give some advice, or if want a long chat with the Vet, book in for a Flea consult. We are confident with a few dollars per month, some monthly effort by you and our help, you can keep your pets happy. PLEASE do it before summer when the fleas become really active.