Our reception was built in 1897.

The Heights Pet Hospital reception is an old methodist chapel built in 1897 by Henry Bailey as a tribute to his son, Cyrus Baily, who died in 1896 after a 10 day respiratory illness.

Alroy House
Tombstone of Cyrus Bailey
Tombstone of Sarah Bailey
Fire Place from Alroy House part of Elizabeth Gates Nursing Home.

Henry Bailey was born at St Albans, Macdonald River (Near Wisemans Ferry, just north of Sydney), in 1841 and came to Singleton in 1867 with his wife, Sarah and their three daughters. Henry and Sarah had another six daughters and two sons.

Henry made his fortune from auctioneering and a local butchery. In the 1880’s he purchased part of the Donnolly estate and built Alroy, a two story brick home overlooking Singleton.

Cyrus Bailey, the elder son, was born in 1872 and died in 1896 aged 24 years. The death was sudden and unexpected with mostly respiratory symptoms. Henry erected a memorial church (our little chapel) to Cyrus in 1897 to hold methodist services.

Henry and Sarah Bailey died in 1903 and 1929 respectively.

Their daughter, Elizabeth, was given the parcel land that included the chapel and Alroy house. Elizabeth married Clyde Gates and in 1964 they donated the land to the methodist church, who converted Alroy House into an aged care facility. The fireplace of the original Alroy house is in the nursing home.

The methodist church sold the land that included the chapel some time after 1964 (year unknown to author) to raise funds for expansion of the aged care facility. The methodist church and other denominations merged in 1972 to form the Uniting church. Alroy House was demolished in 1994 to make way for a modern nursing home now known as Uniting Elizabeth Gates Singleton.

Our little chapel was used as a residence during the 1980’s and from 1995 to 1997 Jim Rodger and Associates operated a modest Veterinary Hospital. Jim worked with companion and production animals and moved out due to a lack of space for his large animal work.

In 2009 the property was purchased for use as a residence and permission granted to demolish, but in 2010 Julie and Anthony Girdler purchased the property, restored the church and added a modern companion animal veterinary hospital.

Heights Pet Hospital has been operating since May 2011 with the old chapel as a beautiful reception area.