Feline Friendly

Our Commitment

Provide the best possible treatment, conditions and equipment for cats and kittens.

This begins from the moment your cat arrives in reception with cat cage covers and feliway to the time they are discharged. Our staff are trained to handle cats in a comforting way and the sights, smells and sounds are tailored to soothe cats and kittens.

Our Staff

Our Vets, nurses and receptionists must adhere to cat friendly principals uncluding a gentle, empathetic approach to handling and restraint. They must undertake relevant continuing education and professional development. Suitable reference material is available. Accurate records are taken and kept for sharing with peers including other Veterinary Hospitals. Our veterinary staff are well trained in feline medecine and surgery.

Client Communication

Clients are to be aware of who is involved with the care of their cats while in the clinic. Client complaints and follow ups are recorded and kept confidential. A display of who works in the hospital shall be displayed for client information. Clients will be kept up to date at all times regarding the progress, cost and care of their cats. Changes and updates will be communicated as soo as possible. Invoices will be itemised. Informed consent will be sort for all veterinarian only diagnostic and treatment procedures. A 24 hr emergency service is available to clients.


Our reception area is deliberately large so that pets may be kept well separated. We have feliway dispensers emiting soothing, calming pheremones. Cat cage covers are available to shield cats from view. Consult rooms are positioned so that cats should not have to be walked past dogs to access treatment.

Consult Rooms

Rooms are to be kept clean and clear of clutter. Consulting rooms are large enough to accomodate a Veterinarian, nurse, client, cat and cat cage. One of our conulting rooms has a raised shelf for cats to sit and look outside, if it suits that cats personality. Another consulting room is able to be darkened to allow for ultrasound and opthalmic examinations. Each consulting room is kept stocked with basic utensils to minimise door opening and closure. Cat scales are available in each room. Consulting times and scheduling are kept over 10 minutes to allow for gentle, considered cat handling and cat acclimitisation. Hands and equipment are washed between consults to reduce contamination and pheremones.

Cat Ward

The cat ward is a separate room with lovely 3 tiered cat hospital cages. The cages are able to be linked for 2 cat families or to provide extra room at quiet times. Cats in adjacent cages are unable to see each other which is important for a sense of safety and seclusion. Every cage has it's own litter tray, food, water and blankets. Disinfecting facilities are at hand. Food and water bowls are washed in a separate area to litter trays. All cats are fed premium food relevant to their needs. A variety of cat toys are available and clients are encouraged to bring their own while their cat is staying. All cats have an in-patient chart which is checked several times a day and updated with medication, toileting, eating and drinking. The cat ward is air conditioned. Piped oxygen available. Cats are supervised overnight when appropriate. IV fluids, administration sets and catheters are available.


Infectious cats are isolated from all other patients in our isolation ward. Disenfection and disposal protocols are on display and strictly followed for the safety of all other cats. Protective clothing is worn and utensils and equipment decontaminated.


We have a separate sterile surgical suite as well as a contaminated surgery table. These areas have strict protocols for cleaning and disinfection and are construction of surgical grade stainless steel. Piped oxygen is available. We use heat mats to maintain body temperature.


Staff are trained to monitor the sensitive needs of cats under anaesthetic. Numerous sizes of endotracheal tubes are available. Equipment is well maintained. We use pulse oximetrey, blood pressure monitors and eosophageal stethoscopes.

Surgical Equipment

Surgical instruments are cleaned then sterilised using our in-house autoclave. Sterile packs are marked and dated. Sterile gloves and gowns are always available. Specifically feline dental equipment is available.

Diagnostic Imaging

We have a separate X-Ray room with double brick shielding and lead lining of the door and viewing window. The X-ray machine is state of the art and is able to be calibrated to scan the bones and internal organs of felines to provide accurate images to assist diagnosis. Our digital X-Ray Processor creates digital images in seconds enabling fast scans, fast diagnosis and sharing with other specialists if necessary.
Our modern ultrasound allows precise feline scans in real time. We also have a digital dental x-ray machine which enables valuable information for dental diagnosis. All digital images are kept on our secure server.


Our laboratory equipment enables us to perform preventative tests and diagnose most conditions quickly. Our equipment includes: PCV, microscope, catalyst electrolyte unit, urine analyser.

Medicinal Products

As a clinic focused on feline health we keep a huge array of medicines available at all times. This incudes treatment for common conditions such as fleas and skin irritations to less commonly used products like snake antivenom and insulin. We keep it all on-hand and carefully labelled so that your cat is treated properly and quickly.

Hector – Our clinic cat

We re-home dozens of kittens every year