Snake Bite.

We have a heap of anti-venom on-hand for emergency snake bites. Give us a call 24/7 and we’ll check on your pet and make sure they’re ok. Here’s some information about snakes if you have time.

Hit by Car.

Pets are often hit by cars during thunderstorms and fireworks when they panic and run on the road. Or just in the driveway. Quick treatment is essential so call us anytime, we’re available for emergency veterinary treatment 24hrs a day.

Vomiting and Diarrhea.

Vomiting and Diarrhea have heaps of causes from life threatening Parvo and Heat Stroke to mild stomach upsets and anxiety. Give us a call either way just in case.


Call Immediately and be ready

  • Snake Bite.
  • Paralysis Tick.
  • Ate Dark Chocolate or heaps of milk chocolate.
  • Hit by car.
  • Heat Stress.
  • Rat Bait.
  • Snail Bait.
  • Dog Fights.
  • Incontinent Male Cat.

These urgent conditions need a phone call straight away. Don’t hesitate to call us 24 hours a day.

Call for advice

  • Ate a small amount of milk chocolate.
  • Lump appeared instantly.
  • Behaviour has changed and seems really weird.
  • Lack of coordination. (Could be an early sign of many things).
  • Ate a potentially poisonous plant.

These may not seem like much, but they could be a sign of something troubling. Give us a call for advice just in case.

Call us in the morning

  • A lump that’s been there for weeks.
  • Very small cuts and bruises.
  • Minor cough.
  • Limping.
  • Fleas.

If your really worried…always give us a call…but our vets need sleep too…so if it’s obvioudly minor maybe it could wait until tomorrow. You can always call AREC (Emergency Center in Newcastle) for advice. They’re open 24 hrs a day and should always be awake and answer the phone. Maybe give us a call if they suggest it needs to be seen immediately.

Client Testimonials

Debra Goonrey
Owner of “Daisy”, a Silky Terrier following Cruciate and Luxating Patella Repair.

“Julie explained she was going to perform the surgery using a different procedure from the other Vet hospital Daisy had been to, which was good being that this was the third time. We were given an estimate with a cost range - we were happy as there wouldn't be a shock if cost went higher. The morning after surgery we received a phone call with an update, Julie spoke about how the procedure went, Daisy's recovery and a plan.
Daisy is like a new dog....100% better, happier, more comfortable.
The wound healed really well. She had internal sutures which healed really well, which was a great relief compared to other surgeries where she had external sutures that she could chew at.”

Kristen Robinson
Owner of “Bupkiss”, a Bulldog following Cruciate Repair.

“When Julie diagnosed Bupkuss with a torn cruciate I was worried, but with Julie's thorough explanation I felt comfortable in the knowledge he was in good hands.
On the day of the surgery I was given a progress phone call, then once the surgery was over I was sent a text. Our follow up visits were informative & thorough. As both of my dogs have required Cruciate surgery I have witnessed them both go from being sad, sore & lame pre surgery to them both having a new lease on life. After their initial recovery period and rehabilitation they now both run around with absolutely no signs of soreness what so ever. Wounds have healed nicely. I cannot speak highly enough about Heights Pet Hospital!. From the very first visit, Julie , Myffawny and all of the staff have been professional and friendly, they go that extra mile when it comes to my dogs and that means the world to me. I have used other vets in the past and have never experienced this level of care and professionalism, not only do they care for the pet but they care about the owner as well.”