Dog Food

Huge Range !

We stock a massive range of premium food from Hills Science Diet and Black Hawk.

Dogs need food tailored to their stage of life and breed, so we stock puppy to senior and different breed sizes.

Black Hawk

Black Hawk Makes a huge range of holistic dog and cat food. They have a commitment to real foods and quality ingredients. Black Hawk is excellent food and a bit cheaper than other premium foods. We sell mostly 20kg bags which is great value.

Hills Science Diet

Hills is the best. Best research, best ingredients and best support. If your dog doesn't like the food, you can get a refund ! They have a ridiculous range of food from puppy to senior, toy to giant breeds and there is a diet to help with just about everything. We use Hills with hospital patients and trust it to provide the best care for our clients and their pets.

Beef Bones

We stock a 200L freezer full of different sized beef bones for your dog. They are raw, frozen and a mix of sizes. The giant $10 bone will last all week, or grab a bag of mixed smaller bones for your little dog to chew. Beef bones are great for helping to keep your dogs teeth shiny and clean.