Intestinal Worms
There are five types of intestinal worms which can infect your dog, four types that can affect your cat and some of these can be passed on to people. Some worms can live in the environment for more then a year so it is essential that your worming schedule is
Dominance is a Myth!!
What is dominance? It is not accurate to describe a dog as having a dominant personality. The word should only ever be used to describe a single interaction between two individuals competing for a resource such as a piece of food or a toy. One dog will usually give up
Why does your dog bark?
The first step to stop nuisance barking is to listen. Dogs bark – it’s part of their normal and natural communication and behaviour. Dogs can bark for appropriate reasons such as when strangers approach our house, hear a noise or herding sheep. Most people want dogs to be “watch dogs”
Introducing a New Dog to Your Resident Dog
It’s a big commitment when you add a new dog into your home and it will take time and effort to ensure that both parties are comfortable and learn how to interact with each other appropriately. This may be easier for some dogs than others, so research on the breed
Does your pet have a storm phobia?
“What other people and dogs do around them will influence their behaviour” What is it? A phobia is an extremely strong dislike or fear of someone or something, this fear is an irrational response. Some pets have a general noise phobia which includes storm phobia, other pets may get anxious
All about Pancreatitis
Do you give your dog a bit of ham for Christmas lunch? Think it won’t hurt them? Think again! What is it? It is when the pancreas becomes inflamed. The pancreas is an organ in the abdomen that produces digestive enzymes and insulin. The digestive enzymes pass down a duct