Senior Pet Consult

The month of June we are celebrating our Senior Pets.

To show how much we love and care for them, we are offering $150 Senior Consults.

These consults include a senior checkup (more in depth then a regular consult) and a regular blood screen.

Just like people, your pet’s health will change as they age, and because your pet ages faster, major health changes can happen faster.

What do we screen for?

Complete Blood Count – provides detailed information about red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. The total white blood cell count, along with individual leukocyte counts, can help identify underlying stress, inflammation, an inability to fight infection and potentially, leukemia. This is important to assess prior to surgery.
Liver Assessment – The liver is a large organ with many different functions,it processes the blood by removing bacteria and toxins as well as further breaking down complex nutrients absorbed during the digestion of food into much smaller components for use by the rest of the body.
Kidney Function – Kidneys are responsible for filtering metabolic waste products, excess sodium and water from the blood stream which is then transferred to the bladder for excretion. SDMA is an additional sensitive test that will become elevated first.
Glucose Levels – Glucose is the basic nutrient for the body. Glucose changes may be seen with a variety of metabolic diseases and various organ system abnormalities.
Pancreas Profile – The pancreas is a small organ located near the small intestines and is responsible for producing several digestive enzymes and hormones that help regulate metabolism
Protein Profile – Protein is an essential for building and repairing body tissues, hormones enzyme production, immune system and giving the body energy.
Electrolytes – Electrolytes are involved in most of the body’s daily functions including adequate nerve conduction, for heart and skeletal muscle contraction, for maintenance of appropriate hydration status, and for maintenance of correct blood pH.

To book a consult please call 02 6573 4738 or you can book online at

About the author: Natasha Wade

Natasha (Tash) loves pets and enjoys working with people to ensure their pets are healthy and happy and a loving member of the family. Pets are very important to people and Tash wants to help improve that bond and make sure they live a long and happy life.

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