Looking after your pet’s ears with Epi-Otic
Why? Some pets are more likely to have ear issues due to the following factors: Confirmation of the ears – narrow ear canals means a reduction in air flow Breed – hairy or floppy ears reduce air flow and increases wax build up Swimmers – water getting trapped in their
Your Cat’s Tail and it’s Meaning
Cats communicate by purring or meowing and by body language which includes facial expression and tail movements Your cat’s tail can tell you about how they are feeling in a situation Take time to observe your cat’s behaviour and you’ll start to get a feel of the tales the tail
Environmental Enrichment And Your Cat
Is your cat chasing you? Destructive? Scratching where it shouldn’t? Meowing for ‘no reason’? Spending too much time outside? Time to spice up it’s life by adding some more FUN! Environmental enrichment is stimulation of the brain by it’s physical and social surroundings. We want to meet our pet’s physical
Designing the Optimal Litter Box for your Cat
Cats are very clean animals and need adequate unsoiled locations to eliminate, especially in a multi cat household. How you manage the litter box can encourage or discourage acceptable toileting habits. It is always easier to prevent house soiling than trying to fix it when the problem occurs. Listed below
Position Available – Veterinary Nurse – Flexible Hours and Supportive Culture
POSITION VACANT Veterinary Nurse – Flexible hours, supportive culture, recognition of skills. HELPING PEOPLE, ONE PET AT A TIME. HEIGHTS PET HOSPITAL Heights Pet Hospital is a Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital in Singleton Heights, NSW, offering gold standard service to our valued clients and pets. Pets improve our well-being, so