Heights Pet Hospital is a Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital in Singleton committed to providing excellent care for loved pets and their owners.

Dr Julie Girdler

Veterinarian BVSc, Hospital Superintendant. Hospital Owner

Julie is an exceptional companion animal veterinarian with a caring attitude and strong devotion to all of her clients and patients.

Julie wanted to be a vet from the age of 4 after a local veterinarian came to the farm in Tamworth to perform an autopsy. She was fascinated with animals from the inside out and worked hard throughout school and university to graduate from Sydney University in 1996. After working in several mixed production and companion animal practices, Julie discovered a passion for enhancing the human animal bond. Heights Pet Hospital opened in 2011 with a commitment to help pets and their families.

Julie enjoys forming relationships with clients and their pets as well as all forms of surgery, with a special interest in orthopaedic surgery and animal behaviour. She has a dedication to providing excellent care and kindness to all pets regardless of their size or personality.

Julie and Anthony have Sam the Fox Terrier X and Mable the DSH Cat. 

Anthony Girdler

Practice Manager and Hospital Owner

Anthony works behind the scenes in the office. He maintains the accounts, payroll, computers and the website. Admired our branding and website? Anthony has tirelessly assisted with the design of our new logo, stationary and website.

Anthony studied Veterinary Science at Sydney University where he met Julie and graduated in 1996. He also has a Certificate IV in Business Management. He worked as a vet for a couple of years, but changed careers to pursue business interests. After being out of the industry for 13 years he and Julie opened Heights Pet Hospital together in 2011.

Julie and Anthony have Roger a Bull Mastiff (who is also our resident blood donor) and Sam a Fox Terrier X


Veterinary Nurse Techinician

Megan has a fun loving spirit and brings a positive energy to Heights Pet Hospital. She is a talented nurse who has a love for all patients and is continuously updating our processes and procedures, always finding a better or more effective way. She has been at the hospital since its opening in 2011 and in the veterinary industry since 2000, starting out as a kennel hand and then completing veterinary nursing cert IV in 2006. She has also undertaken additional study, gaining her qualification as a Veterinary Nurse Technician in 2015 (the highest qualification available to veterinary nurses).

Megan runs our puppy school classes and has a special interest in canine behaviour. She continues to give back to the industry with her dedication to training new veterinary nurses and work experience students.

Megan has Trevor a black domestic short hair cat with a penchant for extravagant bow ties!


Client Relations and Veterinary Nurse

Stephanie is a devoted veterinary nurse, business administrator and behind the scenes gal who loves implementing changes to improve the hospital. Stephanie brings her friendly nature each day and finds great comfort in checking up on clients and patients through regular follow up calls, ensuring each pet is as healthy as they can be. Stephanie also likes to educate owners through puppy classes and keep staff up to date with the latest veterinary protocols.

She has been at the hospital since its opening in 2011 and she finished her Veterinary Nursing Certificate IV in 2014.

Stephanie has Sherlock the Miniature Schnauzer.


Client Relations and Veterinary Nurse

Jess is an intelligent, hard working veterinary nurse who has been at the hospital since 2013. She started out here as a trainee nurse studying veterinary nursing certificate IV and we liked her so much we offered her a full time position!

Jess cares about people and their pets and has a special interest in anaesthesia. She is our ‘go to’ person if you need a tough job done!

Jessica has Bailey and Reggie the Labradors, Tilly and TBA the Jack Russell, Harry the Kelpie, Shelley the Cat, Classic the Horse, Frank and Wilson the Sheep and many farm animals.


Client Relations and Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Natalie is here to welcome you, listen and find a solution to your needs. She is currently studying Veterinary Nursing Certificate IV and has worked with us from early 2016.

Natalie is passionate about pet care and goes above and beyond to make sure all your questions are answered and problems solved and keeps trying until everyone is looked after and happy.

Natalie has Leo and Koda the Border Collie’s and also Tillie and Jet the cats.


Client Relations

Paula is one of the smiling faces you will be greeted with when you phone or come into the hospital. She has been at Heights Pet Hospital since 2015 and has certificate courses in administration, local government and counselling.

Paula is compassionate and always there to support our customer’s in whatever way she can, ‘I hope customers feel comfortable to talk with me about any queries, I am here to help’.

Paula has Bella the Husky x Border Collie, Smokey the cat and 2 well loved chickens.


Veterinary Nurse Assistant

Matt is funny, ambitious and our jack of all trades! He comes in after school and helps clean up and get ready for the next day.

Admired our beautiful garden? Matt is in charge of grounds keeping, mowing the lawn, pruning trees and keeping everything looking awesome! Matt has been at the hospital since 2014.

Matthews family has Winston the Golden Retriever, Leo the Cavalier and Molly the Cat.


Veterinary Nurse Assistant

Jolie is reliable, sweet and hard working. She comes in after school and helps clean up and get ready for the next day. Her favourite thing about work is watching and learning new things and giving a hand to people that need it. Jolie has been at the hospital since 2015.

Jolie’s family lives on a farm so they have many animals including Buster, Callie, Elkie, Bundy the dogs and Millie the cat.


Veterinary Nurse Assistant

Claire is clever, ambitious and easy going. She comes in after school and helps clean up and get ready for the next day. Claire has been at the hospital since 2017.

Claire’s family has Jack the Jack Russell, Archie the Cat, Peaches, Oreo, Patches, Amber, Pip and Willow the Cows and many chickens!


Head of security

Hector is probably the most important member of the team, we often think of him as the glue that keeps us all together. He came to us as a stray with a fractured hip in 2011. Julie removed Hector’s femoral head and he is now getting along fine and can jump and run.

His favourite parts of the job include; indifferently taunting dogs from on top of the reception counter, eating kitten food, allowing people to pat him, lounging in the sun near the herb garden, beating up Rusty the canine garden ornament and sauntering around with a surgically enhanced swagger.

Hector has had many pets over the years, usually stray kittens. He is a great foster parent! He is also a great distraction for dogs who are afraid of needles!